The Browns Crew Homies - 3 x 2 Holographic Sticker

The Browns Crew Homies - 3 x 2 Holographic Sticker

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"My family and I had migrated to the US in the 90’s and we moved from the state of  Puebla in Mexico, straight to this little city we’d eventually call home. I didn’t know much of what was going on, yo solo sabia lo que veia, but we were welcomed with open arms and big happy smiles from the community. We lived off 5th and orchard, where I remember going to el Campesino all the time as a kid. My walk out was always my favorite though, I’d get to pass by the station with all the .25 cent machines and check out all the cool toys they had. I became obsessed with one specific set of toys, “Homies”. I didn’t understand what it meant, since i didn’t know English, but those toys looked liked the people around me and that was enough to make me want them all! After a while, aprendi lo que significaba la palabra “homies,” it was a way to call each other friends. All the neighborhood kids called each other homies, we were all homies.

Fast forward, COVID-19 hit the States and with it came a huge wave of panic. One day, we came across a post my homie Sebas had shared, introducing a community group that was ready to put in work for the community. Ayuda Mutua MKE was created by a handful of xingones who took charge and provided for their people what the government wouldn’t. They provide up to date information regarding Covid-19 as well as other resources including a community pantry. We were inspired by their work to reflect on how I could bring that same help as it was given to me, when my family first came to this country. So, we started a project illustrating the homies from “Browns Crew” to give homage to David Gonzales’ of the original HOMIES. This illustration will be created into merch for a mini-collection and 100% of the profits will be donated to the homies at Ayuda Mutua."

-Carlos Herrada


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